Postes Restantes Museum

The Postes Restantes Museum is located in one of the wings of the Ferme Castrale d’Hermalle-sous-Huy, which mainly dates from the 17th and 18th centuries. The buildings are arranged in a square around a paved and wooded courtyard next to the adjoining castle still surrounded by moats. The other wings are home for the Gourmet museum and a tavern that favors old recipes for food and drinks.

Only Belgian museum devoted to the history of the post and writing since 2003, it offers a collection like no other which allows the guide to tell you many anecdotes and funny stories from Antiquity to the present day. . The guided tour, which begins with a slideshow, lasts an hour and a half.

Jean-Luc Godard wrote: “Television is like the post, it transmits.” A museum also transmits – it’s even made for! Think about it …

KIndividuals and Families

Visit by appointment on weekends.

Visitors’ quotes: “Small museum: This summer I had the opportunity to visit the Postes restantes Museum. Ms. Nicole Hanot has a collection of fabulous writing objects (…) (Nat – August 2007, forum of ” “I would like to send you this message following the visit we made yesterday with you to the postal museum. I can confirm that the children were delighted and that Florent finds the subject more accessible now: today, he has set to work in writing what he had learned from your presentation. Thank you again! … (Valérie Lauvaux April 7, 2014, by email) “


Visit by appointment on weekends.

Comfortable chairs are available. Likewise a walker and a wheelchair, on request.


Change of scenery! What better way to let new ideas emerge than to get away from the hectic bustle of the office? In an industrial region, near Liège and Huy, Bierset and Tihange with easy access by the N90, we offer you an island of rural tranquility, of almost medieval charm : the Postes restantes museum and the discovery of ancient dishes at the tavern of the Gourmet museum. Seminars, brainstormings, receptions, conferences: vaulted rooms, tavern decorated with ancient objects with hearth, flowered terrace, interior courtyard with trees are at the disposal of minds curious for change.


Visit by appointment during the week and at weekends.

“While leaving the tourist beaten track, we had a great time, rich in knowledge and historical anecdotes. A successful day especially thanks to our guide who accompanied us during this escapade, tackling both the aspects related to history, social, architecture, economy, …, and all enamelled with often memorable anecdotes. Copin’Age asbl, May 2015. “

A collection like no other, a tavern that celebrates ancient recipes, a flea market of books and objects, a warm welcome in a 17th century castral site. ! For more information, please contact the museum directly.


The Postes restantes museum is a great school outing for young and older. Guided by professionals, they discover a rare and authentic heritage, they are made aware of the cultural diversity of yesteryear and today. An original learning place that complements your work at school. This one, moreover, can determine the axis of your visit! More ? Postal art workshop, tavern for picnicking, interior courtyard for romping!

LPeople with specific needs

People in difficulty or disabled are welcome at the Postes Restantes museum! Motor handicapped, visually impaired, mentally handicapped or beneficiaries of “article 27 ″.

Our association, which received the CAP48 Citizen Enterprise Award 2009 for “its very active policy of accessibility despite limited means”, has successfully submitted to the audits of Access-i and Access-city.

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Practical information

Postes Restantes Museum

Chaussée Freddy Terwagne 132a,
4480, Hermalle-sous-Huy

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