40-45 Memorial Museum

Musée du Souvenir 40-45

The 40-45 Memorial Museum is a true place of memory created by passionate people to relive this tragic period, the Second World War in Walloon Brabant. The Museum is located in the village of Malèves (municipality of Perwez) in the former stables of a family farm. It is the result of more than 20 years of research.

The Museum presents the history of the Second World War in this region. The periods of the invasion of 1940, the occupation and the liberation of 1944 are being addressed. The constantly changing collection on display reveals the material used by the various warriors of the time.

Several thousand objects and about sixty models are arranged in scenes to place the material in the context of time.

Military vehicles were also added to this material: they are visible in a nearby building, where one can also observe a series of civil objects from the time that make it possible to remember the difficulties they encountered during the last world conflict.

Visitors also discover a series of glass display cases in which documents and equipment from that time are presented. Photo documents and archive images complete the visit.

The museum is open all year round by appointment.

The 40-45 Memorial Museum organizes every year, during the weekend before July 21, the event “Field Depot” that takes place near the Museum. This demonstration, which brings together a large audience every year, aims to put the 40-45 Memorial Museum in the spotlight and consists of a reconstruction of an Allied military camp from the Second World War, allowing the audience to discover in a didactic and lively manner, in addition to the museum’s static exhibition, the then uniforms, materials and vehicles .


The museum is suitable for both an adult and a young audience. The tour is guided and you can choose between FR, NL and EN. For the young audience, the visit has been adapted to be as didactic and fun as possible (children can touch and manipulate objects).


Groups are also welcome in the museum.

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Practical information

40-45 Memorial Museum

Rue d’Orbais, 2
1360 Malèves

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