Archeosite and Museum of Aubechies-Beloeil

A journey of 5000 years in the past ...

The largest archeological restoration site in Belgium, the Archeosite offers a 5000-year journey in the past …

Prehistory is illustrated by Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age settlements.

At the turn of a Gallic house, discover the Gallo-Roman period, represented by a temple, a necropolis, a villa and a barge.

Museum with unpublished theme, cults and ancient beliefs are discussed within the sanctuary.

In the sanctuary, a museum space with a unique theme addresses the cults and beliefs practiced during antiquity.

LPeople with specific needs

Our team can adapt the content of each visit or activity to a vulnerable audience. Do not hesitate to specify the needs and expectations of your group when booking. Our guides refer you to the formula that suits you best.


Our tours are part of the programs of awakening, history, study of the environment or even Latin. We also offer craft demonstrations and interactive workshops. Our team has great adaptability and can set up diversified programs on request.


The Archeosite proposes to organize your corporate events such as seminars, conferences, meetings, banquets; this can possibly also take place in the prestigious setting of his Gallo-Roman villa. You can welcome your guests in the ecus (ceremonial room) or in the side room. The spaces are decorated with frescoes and Roman mosaics. The furniture is a replica of time.


For groups and by reservation, we organize guided tours throughout the year in French, Dutch and English.

These are part of the school history and environmental study programs. Our team has great adaptability and can set up diversified programs on request.

On the Archeosite the child is confronted with a different way of thinking and lifestyle than his, so that he can acquire a certain openness and can understand that our time is mainly the result of a sum of past events and experiences. Historical subjects, often neglected because of their theoretical character, take on a human and living dimension, whereby the concepts of time and chronological periods are also developed.

Visits are also organized every weekend, by appointment, from mid-April to mid-October (in French, Dutch and English). This is an opportunity for mature groups from all horizons to discover our site and enjoy some traditional products, such as the Neolithic cake or the Gallic beer (la cervoise).

Each visit is preceded by an attractive educational film about regional archaeological discoveries, methods of discovery and archaeological research, the evolution of mankind to the Gallo-Roman period and the experimental archaeological activities carried out at the Archeosite in the past.

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Practical information

Archeosite and Museum of Aubechies-Beloeil

Rue de l'Abbaye 1y
7972 Aubechies

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