Armand Pellegrin Museum

The museum of pedagogy

In 1930, on the occasion of Belgium’s 100 years of independence, primary school teachers were asked to create an educational corner in their classrooms consisting of objects and documents bearing witness to the 100-year history of our little country. At that time, Armand Pellegrin was a teacher and taught boys at the Opheylissem school (the museum currently). Passionate about history, he set up a small exhibition.The latter was so successful that it received the “honors of the educational conference in history”. Encouraged by the inspectors and his colleagues, he decided to continue to expose: the idea of the museum was born. Over the years, the collections have grown and expanded. In his collection work, as from 1946, Armand Pellegrin was helped by a little boy, also his pupil, Maurice Dewolf, the current curator of the museum. Together, for 20 years, they opened the museum on weekends and during holidays.

Unfortunately, Armand Pellegrin dies in 1971 and Maurice Dewolf takes over as both a teacher and curator of the museum.

From 1984 to 1994, the museum closed for major transformation work. It was not until June 17, 1994 that the museum reopened completely restored.


As a recognized museum in category C by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, we invite culture visitors to discover our museum dedicated to pedagogy. Throughout the course, our folklore collections of educational resources become available to address the various aspects of history and school life in Wallonia, but also practice prior, then or subsequent to that of the museum founder. In addition, by exhibiting the most representative objects of local folklore, the exhibition under the sign of entertainment and testing also highlights history, social and individual village practices in the form of winks.

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Many periodic and special events are available for children from 6 years old.

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Armand Pellegrin Museum

Rue du Moulin 15
1357 Hélécine

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