ArtHouse – Source O Rama

Art of the 20th century

Located in the beautiful tourist town of Chaudfontaine, Source O Rama offers 2 experiences to enjoy  with all your family:

ARTHOUSE (Art of the 20th century) and WATERHOUSE (the course of the water).

Twentieth century art in a single exhibition! From Impressionists to Pop Art, including Surrealism, Abstract Art and Expressionism. From Picasso to Dali, through Magritte, Miro, Toulouse Lautrec or Folon, Chagall, Warhol, … ..Paintings, sculptures, lithographs.
More than 150 original works on the doorstep of Liège for the pleasure of the eyes! For our little ones, a hunting trip to discover the great works.
ArtHouse is a journey through time that shares the love of modern art to the greatest number and educates children about the history of Art.


Tour can be combined with Waterhouse.
Contact the museum for more information.

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Guided tours with educational file + artistic expression workshop.

ARTHOUSE offers a pedagogical file that meets the needs of teachers. Adapted to the level of the students, the files, enriched with illustrations, represent activities that must be performed in the class before or after the tour at Source O Rama.

Our audience consists mainly of children and many schools come from Flanders, Brussels, Namur, … because Chaudfontaine’s railway station is right in front of Source O Rama.

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Families also come during the weekend and grandparents increasingly take their offspring on a trip.

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LPeople with specific needs

Museum on one floor.
Screens at low level.
A platform provides access to the musical fountains show.

2 B

Practical information

ArtHouse – Source O Rama

Avenue des Thermes 78b
4050 Chaudfontaine

  • Accessible to bicycleslabel velo
  • Classification des attractions en Wallonie (3)3 soleils
  • Discounts for vulnerable peoplelabel velo

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