Museum of the Celts

More than thirty years of excavations

Unknown and unjustly despised, the Celtic civilization is still tainted with many clichés and misconceptions that the Museum is trying to correct. Recent archaeological research shows that the Celts had reached a high degree of civilization! Unique in Belgium by its collections, the Museum of the Celts brings together the product of more than thirty years of excavations carried out on Celtic sites in the Ardennes.
From a discovery point of view, the region is among the richest in Belgium.


Discover the life of the Gauls through animations in the Museum of the Celts.

Throughout the year we offer various activities that make the public aware of different aspects of Celtic civilization. This helps to erase the many clichés about the Celtic world and to expand your knowledge based on archaeological finds. The duration of the animations is approximately 1h15, but can be modulated upon request. Different animations can be linked: guided tour, basketry workshop, weaving, fire fibula, etc.

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LPeople with specific needs

The Museum of the Celts receives different types of public, including:
• blind and visually impaired people through the tour: “see differently”;
• people with an intellectual disability through an adapted visit.

There is no wheelchair access; however, there is a formula for groups: “The Museum is coming to you”. Our pedagogical team goes to your institution and offers you a performance about the Celts in the Ardennes. The presentation can also be accompanied by educational activities.

For more information, contact the museum directly.

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And if you went back in time? Discover the daily life of the Gauls throughout the year on a fun tour of the Museum of the Celts and the various activities we offer.

You and your students will be able to:
• Depict a leader, a warrior, a beautiful and rich Gaul;
• Learn how to start a fire;
• Make your own fibula (pin) or belt clip;
• Manufacture and decorate earth pots;
• Discover the technique of weaving;
• Cook small cakes.

Duration per activity: +/- 1h15. Different animations can be linked. Educational file available for teachers.

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Practical information

Museum of the Celts

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