Domain of Fourneau Saint-Michel

A remarkable architectural ensemble located in the heart of the Ardennes forest

Fourneau St-Michel is a remarkable architectural ensemble located in the heart of the Ardennes forest, dedicated to the way of life of the Ardennes of yesteryear.

A museum and buildings also bear witness to the iron industry in the 18th century.

Houses, farms, a school, a chapel have been transplanted into a park, with great scientific rigor to testify to the traditional rural architecture of southern Wallonia.

Finally, you can enjoy the recreational and culinary aspects of this rejuvenating site since a playground is located in the heart of the estate.


Between nature and culture, Fourneau Saint-Michel offers a wide range of activities, old-fashioned workshops or tours to travel back in time with friends or colleagues.

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An exploration walk through the open-air museum. In a playful spirit, the facilitator encourages the group’s reflection, questioning and participation with a phase of awareness of respect for the flora and fauna that surrounds them, as well as traditions and ancient know-how of our countryside.

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The organization of a playful team building for your colleagues and employees, with a dive into the past to reproduce the gestures of our grandparents. rooms and restaurants with the colors and flavors of the Ardennes are also at your disposal!

Contact the museum directly for more information!

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LPeople with specific needs

The attractions of Fourneau Saint-Michel offer facilities or amenities for people with special needs.

The site is first and foremost autism-friendly. The care of people with autism is central to the concerns of the Domain and the Province of Luxembourg. That is why the site is adapted to your needs by creating three adapted routes, emphasizing places and activities that are present, a sensory interest and highlighting moments of prosperity, activities to be carried out, quiet places, sanitary facilities and all practical information ( plan, parking, waiting area). In addition, the reception staff is aware of autism.

The following are available for the hearing impaired: the use of pictograms, a detailed plan of the domain and a booklet to download to prepare the visit.

Finally, a parking space and an electric car (highly recommended for booking) are available for people with reduced mobility.

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Practical information

Domain of Fourneau Saint-Michel

Fourneau Saint-Michel 4
6870 Saint-Hubert

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