Folklore Museum of Tournai

Life in Tournai between 1800 and 1950.

The more “Tournaisien” the MuFIm is, the more universal it is

In the intimate and cosy atmosphere of the 23 exhibition rooms (1,240 m²), the museum evokes characteristic aspects of life in Tournai and its countryside from 1800 to the present day.

In the museum, you will meet the cotton stocking maker in his workshop, working by the light of an oil lamp and a water globe designed to spread the light. You will discover the oldest mobile chip shop in Belgium, the sad tower of abandoned children, a modest hearse impatient to be hitched to its horse again, a mislaid urine-deflector in a forgotten corner…

Developing your own sensitivity

Works by 20th century and contemporary artists are scattered here and there to sharpen the eye and stimulate reflection.
The museum is to be explored, admired and questioned. The rich and abundant collections of original objects and documents evoke the beginning of a story that visitors are invited to develop according to their own sensitivity. Traces and witnesses of the past, these elements have been chosen for their value, their rarity or simply the pleasure of contemplating them.

Facsimile of the relief plan commissioned by Louis XIV

To discover what Tournai looked like in the time of Louis XIV in 1701, go to the top floor to explore the large relief map. Using the tablet, activate the search engines to highlight various emblematic buildings.

Go back in time and better understand today’s society

Here, you can go back in time to better understand today’s society, discover the habits and customs that are part of everyday life, and go from surprise to surprise.
The visit consists of an intimate encounter with Tournai, which whispers its secrets, disappointments, dreams and hopes to you… Local life can then take on a universal dimension.


Guided tours by reservation at the Tourist Office on +32 (0) 69 22 20 45


Fun and educational activities with respect for the curriculum and the skills to be implemented. 1 € / student (-6 years: free).

Primary education: “The school of our great-grandparents”, “From the spark to the lamp”, “In a walk with Jeannot, the rabbit from Tournai” or “Goose game: the perfect little Tournaisian”, “The old crafts”, “Popular games”, “In a balloon with Romeo”, “The life of a child in 1900”, “A family at the beginning of the last century”, “Cooking with Madame Emelie”, “Madame Emelie sews”, “Madame Emelie does the laundry”. Reservation on +32 (0) 69 33 23 45

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Practical information

Folklore Museum of Tournai

Réduit des Sions, 36 – 7500 Tournai

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