The Gallo-Roman Center

Discover life in Roman times

The Gallo-Roman Center presents the only examples of Gallo-Roman boats restored to date in Belgium and discovered in Pommeroeul in 1975. This museum presents two Celtic type boats including a single-type canoe and an exceptional barge of more than 9 meters, classified “treasure” of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Accompanied by Rufus, boatman of the ancient Pommeroeul, discover life in Roman times with models, frescoes, terminals and interactive games adapted to children.


Thanks to the active didactic approach and innovative design, the Gallo-Roman Center is a formidable educational exploitation site where the student is literally immersed in a harbour village during the Gallo-Roman era. Learning cards have been developed for teachers who want to come and discover the collections with their students. “Participative” or guided visits can be organized upon reservation.

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The Gallo-Roman Center

Rue de Nazareth 2
7800 Ath

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