Gaspar Museum

The art and history of the Arlon region

The Gaspar Museum takes its name from an Arlon family, whose most famous representative is Jean-Marie Gaspar (1861-1931). After some youthful achievements with the Antwerp artist Jef Lambeaux, he became a famous animal sculptor.

The museum also presents collections of local religious art; the centerpiece is none other than the famous altarpiece by Fisenne, masterpiece of the Antwerp school of the early sixteenth century.

Two temporary exhibitions are organized each year; they are dedicated to the art and history of the Arlon region.


Guided tours of the permanent collections and temporary exhibitions are open to all groups. The tours are by reservation only, at least 7 days in advance. They can also be done outside the opening hours of the museum (telephone contact only).

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LPeople with specific needs

Guided tour for the hearing impaired:

Guided tours through permanent and temporary collections are accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing thanks to the cooperation of the SISW (Service d’Interprétation des Sourds de Wallonie): the museum guide is accompanied by an interpreter.

Guided tour for the visually impaired:

A visit route was developed in the permanent spaces of the museum. The visitor can discover the work and the universe of Charles and Jean Gaspar thanks to specially designed media for the visually impaired: read letters, relief painting, sounds, smells … The emphasis is on the meeting between the public and the works, as well as sharing experiences . The course is designed in collaboration with the federal work “Friends of the Blind”.

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The museum offers a program of thematic tours, animations and workshops with different themes, aimed at an active approach to the works. For children from the 1st kindergarten to the 6th secondary.

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Practical information

Gaspar Museum

Rue des Martyrs 16
6700 Arlon

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