Goyet Caves

Far from the influx of the outside world, experience the wonderful and unspoiled nature of one of the most beautiful Belgian cave complexes. In this intimate world, where Neandertal and Cro-Magnon lived, an archaeologist-facilitator invites you to discover a major archaeological site. Thanks to him, you can touch, understand and feel the past. Interactive experiences and demonstrations turn the caves into a place of wonder, surprise and astonishment. One of the magical moments of the visit: the lighting of the fire with you.


Want to disconnect, eager for nature and discoveries, curious about your past?

As a family, passionate, with friends, or between colleagues, enjoy an exclusive visit of the caves and live unique moments with an archaeologist. 

Program: Follow the path of the water that shaped the caves and their concretions. An archaeologist takes you on a discovery of the man’s journey, where Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal lived. Thanks to reconstructions of archaeological objects and the observation of traces still visible, you become aware of the prestigious archaeological site that are the caves of Goyet. At the end of one of the most beautiful underground courses in Wallonia, extend the enchantment on the terrace surrounded by nature by participating in the lighting of a fire.

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All animations have been created in accordance with the pedagogical expectations of the skills. The pedagogy of the gesture, to learn by the action, is one of the engines of the proposed animations. They are designed and animated by the archaeologists of the Prehistomuseum. 

From 3rd grade to 6th grade: Exciting visit of the caves. Discover the magical world of the underworld. 

From 3rd Kindergarten to 2nd Elementary: Piaraq. Go through the caves in search of the oldest dog in the world discovered in Goyet.

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Want to gather your team, your club, your customers or your friends in an unusual place? Choose originality with this custom-made formula for groups in the Caves of Goyet.

Private tour of the caves with an archeologist who only takes care of YOU.

Aperitifs, lunch or real prehistoric-compatible meal await you in the restaurant or even in the caves!

This original and offbeat output is made to measure according to your expectations.

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Practical information

Goyet Caves

Rue de Strouvia, 3
5340 Gesves

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