House of the medieval Mosan Heritage

Go to meet the Meuse and the Middle Ages

The medieval Mosan Heritage House is housed in the walls of the former Spanish House of Bouvignes.

Both museum and place of discovery, it invites the visitor to let themselves be carried by the meanders of time to go to meet the Meuse and the Middle Ages. Archaeological objects, models and reconstructions, multimedia terminals and projections evoke the medieval society in the Mosane valley, whether aboard a boat over water, within the walls of a castle or a city or still in the dinandier’s workshop.

The first Sundays of the month, the museum organizes its free “Sunday visit – guided tour”.


The House of the medieval Mosan Heritage is accessible all year round, 7 days a week, for groups by reservation.


At the request of a group, the House of the medieval Mosan Heritage can organize a conference on the themes elaborated in the museum or in temporary exhibitions. The conference is being held in the MPMM building.

The MPMM can also welcome a group under the guidance of its own speaker.


A wide choice of activities is offered to students of different educational levels (from the 3rd kindergarten class).

KLead the investigation!

Guy, Lord of Bouvignes, was killed! Help Johan the trader, using a booklet, to discover the murderer and the murder weapon through the mazes of the MPMM.

Booklets for sale at the MPMM (€ 3.50 / piece)

3 B

Practical information

House of the medieval Mosan Heritage

Place du Bailliage 16
5500 Bouvignes

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