Museum of Ceramics

Keramis is a museum and a space of art and creation dedicated to ceramics, and is erected on the site of the old Boch pottery in La Louvière. Its architecture, contemporary and daring, includes an old listed building containing three giant bottle ovens, the last of its kind in Belgium. The museum has a remarkable collection of earthenware produced in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries by the Boch manufacture, flagship of the Belgian industry. Exceptional creations, from art workshops like Charles Catteau’s vases, rub shoulders with everyday pieces. In the reserve accessible to the public, a scenographic itinerary presents the techniques of manufacturing an industrial earthenware and the life in the company.

Keramis also values an important collection of ceramics by artists representative of the second half of the 20th century. All aspects of modern and contemporary ceramics are evoked as well as design.

Each year, Keramis explores the world of ceramics through temporary exhibitions designed to promote an unknown and yet thousand-year-old discipline.In addition to the retrospectives of historical figures, the museum devotes a large part of its programming to collective or personal exhibitions of contemporary artists.


Keramis provides guided tours, workshops about earth discovery, internships for young people and adults, activities for families, birthday parties, late-night openings, conferences, flea markets around Boch furniture, designer markets, concerts, corporate parties …

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Place des Fours-Bouteilles 1,
7100 La Louvière

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