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The multifunctional room of "Général Gérard"

Why “Général Gérard”?

The room “Général Gérard” is named after the commander in chief of the 4th French army corps. Emblematic figure and hero of the battle of Ligny. In 1832, when he became a marshal, he liberated Belgium from the Dutch armed forces.

Are you looking for a space for your conferences, seminars or meals and cocktails? Choose a place steeped in history.

Our 200 m² multipurpose room can accommodate up to 150 seated people.

Ligny 1815 Museum

The Ligny 1815 Museum took up residence in a 17th-century farmhouse that served as an infirmary on the night of the battle. It is located in the heart of the battlefield, where 150,000 men fought hard. The museum space projects you into a real experience by going back in time to Friday June 16, 1815, 48 hours before the Battle of Waterloo.

Let yourself be carried away by our museum tour that will gradually immerse you in this last victorious day for Napoleon. Get history at your fingertips thanks to our original and authentic collectibles, thanks to playful and sensory scenarios.


A little train …
The museum’s tourist train takes you to the battlefield, where you can admire the viewpoints from this plain, where Blücher and Wellington met.

A restaurant…
Taste a piece of history and expand the experience in the museum restaurant: “La Grange 1815”! The Grognard hotpot can be part of your tourist menu.


Would you like to discover the Ligny 1815 Museum with your students?

Our beautiful place steeped in history offers you to welcome your students for a day or half a day in a quiet, friendly rural environment.

Different themes can be discussed. You have the opportunity to define your visit route in the company of our educational service. Discover history in a fun and interactive way.

1. What happened in Ligny on June 16, 1815?
2. The Daily in Wartime. How did we live back then?
3. Rumble on the battlefield!
4. How were the soldiers treated?
5. From the excavation to the museum.
Become an archaeologist!

Catering possible on site in the museum restaurant: “La Grange 1815”. The court will be adapted to your wishes and desires at the request of the museum teams.

The museum’s small tourist train takes you through the surrounding countryside to the various strategic locations on the battlefield or leads you to another ‘combined’ visit.

Combine your visit by choosing a theme of your choice:

1. A dairy farm or production / processing of potato
2. Feudal castle of Sombreffe
3. “Vivaqua” water extraction (subject to acceptance)

For more information, please contact the museum staff. We are happy to answer your questions.

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Practical information

Ligny 1815 Museum

Rue Pont Piraux 23
5140 Ligny

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