Maison Losseau

Léon Losseau (1869 – 1949) was a lawyer from Mons, bibliophile, photographer, member of many learned societies. He transformed his home into an Art Nouveau gem, endowed with every comfort conceivable at the time.

Today, passers-by are often intrigued by the metal gate of this rather classic mansion. Few of them suspect that by crossing the doors, they will be invited to discover a garden whose flowers – orchids, thistles, hawthorns … – are declined, from floors to ceilings, in each room of the house.

The house owes a lot of its charm to the talent of the architects, decorators and craftsmen chosen by Losseau, be it Paul Saintenoy, Henri Sauvage, Émille Gallé or others. Long closed, then registered on the List of Exceptional Heritage of Wallonia, it is the object of an important work of restoration and enhancement, led by the Province of Hainaut.

There are so many offers for different publics at the Maison Losseau. The full price is set at 5€, but we’ve a lot of reductions (3€). The reduced price is reserved for students, seniors over 65 years old, job seekers, teachers and members of the Province of Hainaut.


We have an offer for the groups (without guided tour): the price is set at 4€ for them.

We’ve also a guided tour of the Maison Losseau for the price of 90€ per group (no more than 25 persons). We can combined this with a visit of the Mundaneum in Mons or the Center of Innovation and Design in Hornu just for 110€ per group. Every guide tour is avalaible in different languages.

It’s possible to reserve a guided tour of the Maison Losseau (different languages are available). It includes to discover, at first, the Interpretation Center that makes it possible to know better Léon Losseau, the owner of the Art nouveau house. That place allows also to learn about the specificities of Nancy Art Nouveau. Moreover, we talk also about “Une saison en enfer” by Arthur Rimbaud, because Léon Losseau is famous internationally for his amazing discovery of the first edition of this book.

After that, the visitors can see his house and discover all details about it.

Actually, it’s important to know that this is possible to reserve a non-guided tour of our museum. In this case, we give a free visitor guide to help them in their visit.

We can also combined this with a visit of the Mundaneum in Mons or the Center of Innovation and Design in Hornu. This is a good way to save money and to discover two institutions at the same time.


For the school public, we can propose a special price at 1€ (under 12 years) and 3€ (over 12 years).

It’s also possible to reserve a special guided tour of the Maison Losseau. Actually, we work with the teacher(s) to build a good activity that it will be suitable for all. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +32(0)65/398.880.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a pedagogical kit a this moment, but we’re working hard about it. We’ll give more informations about that when the time comes.


For companies, we offer a fee-based room rental service.

As Léon Losseau wished, his house is now open to as many people as possible. In his will, it was his wish that the house should remain a melting pot for cultural, scientific and artistic development. His passion for books makes it the ideal place for the organisation of activities related to literature. By extension, the house is also a place for meetings and exchanges. Well-protected and restored, it is subject to some constraints as to the type of activities that can be organised there.

For more information, please contact our rental manager:


For families, a game book is offered to care for children. It is available directly at our reception. They allow for the children to discover the Losseau’s house and the Art Nouveau while having fun and with the help of their parents.

Moreover, we organize sometimes activities for the families about board game, literature and, of course, Art Nouveau. These activities are organized in our Literature Center.

LPeople with specific needs

The Maison Losseau is easily accessible to people with reduced mobility. Indeed, we have a place reserved for this type of public in our yard.

In addition, there are no stairs to access the Art Nouveau house. Everything is easily accessible by wheelchair.

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Practical information

Maison Losseau

Rue de Nimy, 37-41 7000 Mons

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