Mudia Redu

Discover seven centuries full of emotions and learn to understand art in a fun way! Twenty rooms, more than 300 original and prestigious art works (Brueghel, Rodin, Spilliaert, Wouters, Picasso, Kandinsky, Modigliani, Giacommetti, Magritte, Geluck,…), more than 25 interactive screens, games, applications and an animated movie projected on a large screen! For the first time you can play with art history! A unique experience in Europe.


You can visit Mudia with a guided tour. A basic tour takes 1:30 and costs 75 euros on weekdays and 90 euros during the weekend. The guide can take up to 20 people. Reservation is necessary.


The Mudia proposes various animated tours for groups of pupils: “What is Art?” for children from 3 to 6 years, “Art Hunt” for children from 6 to 10 years old, “Like or Dislike” for young teenagers and “Must See tour” for older teenagers (16-18y).
Reservation is necessary.


Travel through seven centuries of Art: a challenge for the whole family! Everyone can discover Mudia at their own pace and in the way they prefer. In Mudia you can even play and have fun!

Every room offers their share of fun attractions. It is impossible to be bored! Discover our slot machine and find out more about the most expensive paintings in the world; make your own impressionistic painting with our digital point-brush; get goose bumps in front of the mysterious egg and become model for one of Mudia’s art works. Many more attractions await you at Mudia.

Come and discover the animated movie “The Art Stream”. Follow the adventures of miss Mudia who fell in a painting and starts an breathtaking journey on the large stream of art. This unique movie, specially created especially for the Mudia, can be watched on a large screen!

LPeople with specific needs

Mudia is accessible for accompanied people with a mobility impairment. The Mudia has an elevator and a toilet adapted to people confined to a wheelchair. Every room in the museum can be accessed with a wheelchair. There is a separate entrance and doorbell for people who cannot walk up the stairs at the main entrance.

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Practical information

Mudia Redu

Place de l’Esro 61
6890 Redu

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