BELvue Museum

BELvue : more than a museum, a living space for history and democracy

The BELvue is located in the heart of Brussels and is both the museum of Belgium and its history as well as a centre for democracy.

Managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, the BELvue was created as a place where visitors, and especially young people, can learn about and better understand Belgium, its history, its socio-economic development and the workings of its institutions.

Employing a theme-based approach and with a modern, interactive exhibition layout, the museum offers visitors the keys to understanding Belgium and Belgian society.

Seven social themes are addressed in the rooms: democracy, prosperity, solidarity, pluralism, migration, language and Europe. Each team is firstly presented from the perspective of the present day, then subsequently developed and explained through the history of Belgium. How did Belgium and the Belgians become what they are today? In the BELvue’s new exhibition, history is not an end in itself, but rather a means to explain and provide the keys to understanding and interpreting our society.

This overview of Belgium past and present is complemented by a gallery of more than 200 objects. Presented chronologically from the 19th century to today, the pieces embody Belgium’s “physical memory”. Visitors will find everyday objects, works of art and design, well-known brands, scientific discoveries, references to great sporting achievements as well as objects that recall the richness of our popular culture.

The BELvue also organises temporary exhibitions which give the opportunity to the visitor to discover in depth a special topic, dedicated to history, to heritage or to more recent events of the country.

Next to its museum activities, the BELvue is also a centre for democracy. It contributes to improving the confidence in democratic values by developing a historical conscience and by stimulating critical reflexion on major democratic stakes.

The BELvue also welcomes a large diversity of visitors : schools, (future) teachers, youth associations, families, seniors, vulnerable people, as well as disabled people, … They benefit from a large and appropriate offer of activities, exhibitions, workshops, guided tours, conferences or events around democracy, history and justice.

All these activities are coordinated by eduBEL, the educational department of the BELvue. Members of the team are teachers detached for a  predetermined period who are responsible for the educational activities and the training of external guest speakers.

To complete this accessible approach, most of the activities are free of charge or available at democratic prices.

The BELvue is located in Brussels, Belgian and European capital city, next to the Royal Palace and neighbour of the greatest national institutions. It aims to be a place to meet and to exchange ideas, a place where past, present and future gather.


Discover with your group the permanent exhibition on Belgium and its history at the BELvue museum! The BELvue also provides access to the Coudenberg palace archaeological site, and a combination ticket is available.

Groups of 15 persons and more benefit from a special price (€6/pers. instead of €7/pers.). We are open for groups on Monday as well between 9:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Please note that reservations are required.

The BELvue works with several guide associations who all know the museum very well. Each association has its own skills and specialties, and we recommend you pick the one that suits you best. You are also free to choose your own guide.



The educational service of the BELvue, develops playful educational activities for everyone. Workshops on citizenship and democracy, self-guided or guided tours, interactive exhibitions… Each formula is studied to adapt to the widest possible audience: classes of all levels and all types of education, but also extracurricular groups and associations. To allow the greatest number to participate, the activities are free or at very democratic prizes.


Housed in a beautifully renovated 18th century luxury hotel, the former Hotel Bellevue, which was known as “the pied-à-terre of Princes and the nobility”, welcomes you in a refined setting and offers your guests an exceptional view of the Royal Palace and its gardens.

With 6 spaces to organise your event, from a small meeting to a reception for up to 200 persons, you can surprise your guests by combining very different atmospheres, from a magnificent neo classic architecture to medieval ruins underground or a lush garden.

Located in the heart of Brussels, the BELvue museum is easily accessible by public transport (metro, tram and bus). Several public car parks are a 5-minute walk away.


Visit the BELvue at your own pace using the visitors guide and the interactive tablets in the exhibition.

Coming with children ?

Choose one of our children tours, especially designed for children between 3 and 12 years old!


Senior citizens benefit from a reduced rate of 6€ instead of 7€.

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BELvue Museum

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