Piconrue – Museum of the Great Ardenne

The Musée en Piconrue invites you on a journey to the heart of the Ardennes culture through the discovery of its rich tangible and intangible heritage.

At the Piconrue, three exhibition spaces offer diversified and complementary perspectives on the Ardennes of yesterday and today: the reference course of the Ages of Life, the House of Legends and the temporary exhibitions.

KExploring "the ages" with the family!

On board a time machine … destined for the Ardennes from 100 years ago. Accompanied by the hug Jeannot Lapin, you can join the Ardennes on the paths of his life and (re) discover your own personal and family history.

Practical information:
Audience: from 5 years old
Book: € 5 (only in French)


Being born, living and dying in the Ardennes. Immerse yourself in traditional society, between 1850 and 1950, and guide the Ardennes on the paths of his life. You will soon notice that the changes after the war have changed the ages, bringing the Ardennes into the era of modernity! During tours around a selection of flagship objects on the reference course, young and old look especially at the Ardennes and the world. A guided tour of the “Maison des Légendes” or the temporary exhibition can also be organized.

Mandatory reservation.

LPeople with specific needs

The exhibitions of the Piconrue-Musée de la Grande Ardenne are open to all, they are open to beneficiaries of Article 27 and people with reduced mobility.


Travel back in time, explore heritage, discover roots … and wings! From kindergarten, the activities for the school public aim to provide a participatory and playful discovery of the Ardennes and its people. The children are active at all times: the mediation team enables them to see and understand themselves, to question themselves and to exchange views. At the end of the visit, each child receives le Journal de Léontine et Augustin: souvenir object, synthesis and extension tool, it symbolises the experience lived in the museum and allows to approach it again.


Organise your events in the museum! Whether it is a working day (training, team building, specific tour: appropriating your heritage to know yourself better, understand it, accept it in what distinguishes us as a person or as a community) or evening event (conference, seminar, tour for your team / staff or your customers), the Piconrue Museum of the Great Ardennes offers a whole infrastructure: monastery, cafeteria, audiovisual space, public …

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Practical information

Piconrue – Museum of the Great Ardenne

Place en Piconrue, 2
6600 Bastogne

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