Museum of Archeology of Tournai (Closed for renovation)

Located in the former Mont-de-Piété, a listed building dating from the Spanish Renaissance (1622), this museum has exceptional local and regional collections from prehistory to the Middle Ages.

A fabulous dive into the past to meet Neanderthal man in the plains of the Scheldt 70,000 years ago, his successor, the hunter of the Upper Palaeolithic, then the Neolithic farmers who left traces of their habitat and tools. The Tournaisis region also yielded numerous sites from the age of metals well before the Roman conquest.

Prestigious pieces from recent excavations and classified as “Treasures of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation” are on display: a remarkable decorated lead sarcophagus from the 4th century (Gallo-Roman necropolis of the Rue Perdue) and exceptional items from the Saint-Brice district where, in 481, Childeric, father of Clovis, was buried, along with his horses and his entourage.


Guided tours by reservation at the Tourist Office on +32 (0) 69 22 20 45


Fun and educational activities with respect for the curriculum and the skills to be implemented. 1 € / student (-6 years: free)
Primary education: “The excavation pit!”, “I discover prehistory”, “Discovery of the Gallo-Roman period”, “Goose game: discovery of the Gallo-Roman period with the archaeologist Archibald “(for” children from 7 to 77 years! “),” A little more than 20 years ago! “,” Who are the Merovingians? ”
Reservation on +32 (0) 69 33 23 45

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Museum of Archeology of Tournai (Closed for renovation)

Rue des Carmes, 8 – 7500 Tournai

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