Gourmet Museum

Here is the curious story of cooking ...

Here is the curious story of the kitchen, told with tools, furniture, paintings and authentic masterpieces, by passionate guides because the visit is by appointment.

In a seventeenth century farm, discover the fidelibus holder, the zagueman, the bouzillé, the fly cabinet!

The symbolic value of cucumber and artichoke, the multiple uses of sugar, the dangers of bottle feeding … and many other strange things!

In addition: delicious old recipes at the tavern, guided walks to discover wild edible plants, temporary exhibitions.


Quotes from visitors: “A jewel in a box with Russian dolls. The treasures are linked to the era and are revealed with shared pleasure and wonder.” “I visited the Musée de la Gourmandise, which I highly recommend. […] a universe at the same time unknown, funny, interesting … a touch of humor and questions for support made sure that time flew by”. Also for you by the way: a unique collection, a tavern that brings to light old recipes, a warm welcome on a 17th-century castle site!

Contact the museum directly for further information.

LPeople with specific needs

People in difficulty or the disabled are welcome in the Gourmet Museum! Motorally disabled, visually impaired, mentally disabled or beneficiaries of Article 27.

“The best news, however, is that our association received the CAP48 Award from the socially engaged company 2009 during the reception of the Walloon Entrepreneurs’ Association on January 26, 2010 for” its very active accessibility policy despite limited resources “.

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The Gourmet Museum is a fun school outing for young and old. Under the guidance of professionals, they discover a rare and authentic heritage. They are aware of the cultural diversity of the past and present. An original learning place that complements your work at school. This can also determine the axis of your visit!
More desired? Workshop game about the art of table decoration, walk “in search of wild edible plants”, a tavern to picnic, courtyard to let off steam!

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A different living environment! Nothing better to have fresh ideas generated far away from the excitement in the office? In an industrial area, near Liège and Huy, Bierset and Tihange with easy access via the N90, we offer a rural resting place with a somewhat medieval charm: the museum of the delicacy and the discovery of old dishes. Seminars, brainstorming sessions, receptions, conferences: vaulted halls, a tavern with a fireplace decorated with old objects, a terrace full of flowers and a courtyard are at the disposal of the curious, looking for change.

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Practical information

Gourmet Museum

Chaussée Freddy Terwagne 132a
4480 Hermalle-sous-Huy

  • Accessible to people with special needslabel velo
  • Discounts for vulnerable peoplelabel velo

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