Museum of Small Format of Contemporary Art

This Suitcase-Museum located in Nismes, invites art lovers to discover various facets of contemporary art through international collections.

A museum of contemporary art

The Museum of Small Format of Contemporary Art was created in 1981 by art lovers anxious to allow as wide a public as possible to learn about all aspects of contemporary art. The museum’s headquarters are now located at the Regional Cultural Center “Action Sud” in Nismes.

An impressive collection

More than 3500 engravings, drawings, inks, paintings, photographs, computer graphics, … are to be discovered.

A concept at the service of art

Every two years, the Musée du Petit Format organizes a biennale of contemporary art. Nearly 400 professional visual artists from around the world are invited to produce a paper-related work in a maximum DIN-A4 format on a paper basis. The museum regularly hosts exhibitions with activities for schools or introductory sessions for adults. A permanent showroom is open 250 days a year.

Reception, guided tours, didactic and playful artistic activities in English every Thursday and year round on appointment. 


In 2011, the museum set up a permanent exhibition room, to allow different audiences to discover the works from its collection and in particular to offer a quality educational tool to teachers. We want to offer teachers and students an artistic program, in connection with their teaching program, in a thoughtful didactic layout, using modern techniques of dissemination and adapted to the situation of visiting children (considering their size). In short, a modern museum with a human dimension with a showroom barely larger than a school class.

In 2016, the museum wanted to extend this “open” space to the school environment by offering a range of itinerant activities for kindergarten children.

lLe Musée-Ecole


When you come with your brothers and sisters, while your parents visit the exhibition, you can create the illusion thanks to optical effects: imagine that the head of the snake you have just drawn, is detached from the sheet!

During this activity, you can create a work of art, an object, all in 3D: imagine drawing a pair of glasses, wearing it and then showing it to your friends!

If you bring a picture of your family, you will have the chance to redraw it in 3D!

LPeople with specific needs

No access is currently available in the building for PRMs and people with special needs . The museum plans to move to a building accessible to these different audiences in the year 2019. Please contact us directly for information on the current and planned situation.

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Practical information

Museum of Small Format of Contemporary Art

Rue Bassidaine, 6
5670 Nismes

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