The Museumpass is a sustainable project for and by the museums. The organisation cvba-so museumPASSmusées scrl-fs is a cooperative partnership founded by the 3 national museum associations:  Brussels Museums, ICOM Wallonie-Bruxelles & MSW, Vlaams Museumoverleg and by publiq vzw.
We encourage museum visits throughout Belgium by means of a museum annual card. Registered pass holders regularly receive news from the museum sector and are activated to discover the museums and exhibitions of the affiliated museums. We collect rich data via the digital platform and provide the museums with knowledge about their target groups.
We conduct marketing and communication campaigns to keep museums “on top of mind” among a wide audience as a meaningful leisure activity.


B2B: possibility for companies to buy the museum pass as a promotional gift?

● Valued fringe benefit.
● Free from social security contributions and taxes.
● Fits within the policy of Corporate Social Responsibility.
● Volume discount from 50 museum passes:
1. Basic price of the museum pass: € 59 (incl. 6% VAT)
2. Discount price from 50 passes: €49 (incl. 6% VAT), a 17% discount
3. Discount price from 200 passes: € 46.50 (incl 6% VAT), a discount of 21%

Exempt from social security contributions and taxes

● The museum pass is recognised as a culture voucher (extra-legal advantage).
● You can combine the museum pass with other fringe benefits such as meal vouchers or eco vouchers.
● You can easily add the museum pass as an extra-legal benefit in a collective or individual employment contract or in an agreement protocol.

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