Napoleon’s Last Headquarters

I am a place to visit and I do preserve history

I am the place where the emperor spent the night before his last fight … which he lost.

On your way to this place, you will discover the Emperor’s country furniture, his lock of hair and all what mattered the lives of his soldiers.

For you all, I have specially designed a track on which you can touch, manipulate and test elements.

Not to mention a precious card to answer puzzles and so, perhaps, access to the famous treasure to share!

I am … the Last HQ of Napoleon


The museum of Napoleon’s Last Headquarters has been adapted to both an adult and a young audience. During the 2015 renovation, special attention was paid to the family and the children. The Last Headquarters of Napoleon now offers a contemporary scenography for the adults with various testimonies and anecdotes of the characters of the Napoleon’s army on the night of 17-18 June 1815. Another reading takes the youngest in a fun and educational approach by means of games (code game, riddles, course). This allows children to approach and understand this period of history while having fun. At Napoleon’s Last Headquarters, children can touch, manipulate, play, ask questions, express themselves, remain silent, observe, test, share, don’t understand everything and … HAVE FUN!


The team at the Napoleon’s Last Headquarters offers classes from the 4th, 5th and 6th grade to experience and share a pedagogical animation under supervision of entertainers throughout the year, in phase with the curriculum.

This fun activity is dedicated to the discovery of a place steeped in history, the way of life of the early nineteenth century and the daily life of a soldier from Napoleon.

This educational animation develops in three phases:
* The children go to the museum for a fun visit, full of anecdotes and legends, which will be devoted to the Caillou farm, the life of a soldier and the personality and character of Napoleon.
* The children, divided into groups, are immersed in the heart of a bivouac. They try to solve puzzles from “original” documents and with the help of different media. Then the children have an experience ‘in the skin of a character from 1815.
* Finally, a moment is proposed that combines fun and visual exploration for the children in the orchard and in the courtyard next to the farm.


The museum can also be visited in groups with the audio guide.
It is available in the following languages: FR, NL, AL, EN, ES and FBSL (LSFB)


The museum can also be visited in groups with the audio guide.
It is available in the following languages: FR, NL, AL, EN, ES and LSFB

LPeople with specific needs

“An open space for everyone”

For the opening of its new museum, Napoleon’s Last Headquarters has also adapted to Persons with Limited Mobility through adapted spaces from the reception onwards and in the various museum rooms on the ground floor. However, the museum has a small disadvantage: Napoleon’s Last Headquarters is a classified site that preserves the authenticity of the place, including the pavement from large curbstones.

Since 2015, napoleon’s Last Headquarters has made its scenography accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. A video guide offers a signed version (French sign language of Belgium) and subtitles, testimonials and anecdotes via the audio guide.

Recently the museum has also adapted to the visually impaired by offering them a safe route, tactile elements and audio description. Some works can also be discovered by touch.

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Practical information

Napoleon’s Last Headquarters

Chaussée de Bruxelles, 66
1472 Vieux-Genappe

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