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Are you between 5 and 8 years old? Or between 9 and 12 years old? Visit Our Lady of the Rose Hospital while having fun. You can become a super adventurer!

As soon as you arrive you go to the reception and ask for your playbook. Don’t put your eyes in your pocket during your adventure, because you have to solve some riddles. Each riddle gives you clues to find a mysterious word. These instructions are numbered letters and numbers. Write them systematically again on the last page of the notebook in the right place. That way you can discover the mysterious word. Wap and Tom help you find the answers, but don’t hesitate to ask your parents for help!

At the end of your visit you will receive a small gift and / or a voucher for free access to another Wap Adventure site, if you have found the mysterious word. Collect all the diplomas in the collection and complete new quests!

Our Lady of the Rose Hospital

A magical and timeless place: one of the oldest and notably conserved hospitals in Europe!

Founded in 1242, the Notre-Dame à la Rose Hospital is one of the last examples of a complete autarkic hospital site with its farm, gardens, icehouse and cemetery, next to the conventual and hospitable buildings. He is the witness of the mode of operation of the hospitals of the Middle Ages.

This Hôtel-Dieu is exceptional for the state of conservation of the entire site, the diversity of buildings and the wealth of artistic, pharmaceutical and medical collections, presented in their authentic setting. A Hôtel-Dieu was a hospital that provided medical care to soldiers and to people who were too poor to be cared for at home.


Passion is contagious … Our guides are happy to share stories, knowledge and emotions with you. Moments of exchange and interrogation are proposed for each of our visitors, through different types of guided tours organized by the museum team. Groups are welcomed from Tuesday to Sunday, all year round, by reservation.

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Founded in the 13th century, Our Lady with the Rose Hospital is a place where students can easily understand how people lived from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. Social status, living conditions, diseases and care, place of spirituality in society will be topics that are addressed by the proposed activities. They will see the evolution behind society and hospitals today. Our team proposes to let them experience a great journey in the past, allowing them to understand current commitment to health, food, care and the place of everyone in society.

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Practical information

Our Lady of the Rose Hospital

Place Alix de Rosoit 1
7860 Lessines

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