75 acres of experiences in the heart of a forest

The Prehistomuseum is a new and unusual museum for the whole family. 75 acres of experience in the heart of a forest between Liège and Huy.

– 1 classified cave
– 2 permanent exhibitions
– 2 temporary exhibitions per year
– 9 wilderness experiences
– practical workshops
– 1 Archeorestaurant
– 1 mammoth playground
– 8 km of forest walk


The Prehistomuseum welcomes you in an unusual setting in the heart of a forest with the archaeological site of the Ramioul Cave. Come and enjoy a unique group experience. An animating archaeologist will accompany you. He promotes exchanges, animates the day, answers questions and communicates his passion to you.


We want to give you the opportunity to have a unique experience with your class. To make each visit unique, we recommend that you choose from a variety of themes specially selected based on the level of your class. The museum does not impose a program on you, but offers activities and advises you on your choices. You build your own visit!

LPeople with specific needs

In its animations, the Prehistomuseum offers different approaches: sensory, kinesic, narrative approaches, manipulations … Depending on the specifics of your class and the objectives you pursue, we will work with you to create a tailor-made visit to ensure an unforgettable experience experience.

When modernising the infrastructure, special attention was paid to the accessibility of the site to all target groups. The main building, which houses the collections, the exhibition space and the study and conservation center, is equipped with an elevator. For the nearby outdoor environment, the slopes are leveled as much as the valley allows to facilitate access to workshops and reenactments.

We therefore invite you to contact the Prehistomuseum’s educational department, which is at your disposal to design a customised entertainment program.

You can reach them by phone at 04/275.49.75 or by email at

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Practical information


Rue de la Grotte 128
4400 Flémalle

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