Regional Museum of Archeology and History of Visé

Panorama of a rich heritage

This regional museum offers a panorama of rich heritage: archeology with the Roman site, architecture with a thousand-year-old collegiate church, a Mosan town hall and an example of a new city of the 1920s, the fine arts with generous artists and the industrial heritage with the colliery of Cheratte. Local festivals and gildes are celebrated, as well as the goose, symbol of Visé. Testimonies also of the first martyred city of 14-18 in 2 memory circuits.
The intense life of a region to discover in this responsive museum, established in a convent of the Sepulcrines.

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A few hours in Visé, city of history, offer you a chance to experience many sensations. Both during a tour and in the museum, you will be presented with different formulas: the famous people, the places of memory, a martyr city that brought itself back on its way and many other adapted animation formulas.
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Whether in town with its historic circuits around the war of 14-18 or at the most important monuments, the Museum of Visé lets you revive its rich collections through animations, reflection, treasure hunts or goose games. Thus all mysteries and questions about the Gallo-Roman era, architecture, the first world war, the general history of our country or even daily life disappear. Personalize your visit to the Visé museum through a simple contact.
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LPeople with reduced mobility

Concerning the accessibility of the museum for PRMs, work is underway to install a lift. As soon as it is operational, the museum will indicate this on its website.

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Practical information

Regional Museum of Archeology and History of Visé

Rue du Collège 31
4600 Visé

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