Reinhardstein Castle

At the heart of the Eastern Townships and the Hautes Fagnes


It was in 1354 that Duke Wenceslas of Luxembourg granted permission to Renaud of Waimes to build a castle on this site. Due to the extinction of the family of Waimes, the caslte is taken over successively by the families Zivelle, Brandscheid and Naussau. In 1550 following the marriage of Anne Naussau to Guillaume of Metternich, Reinhardstein becomes the property of this important Rhineland family, until the French Revolution. Abandoned, it falls progressively into important ruin. In 1812, Count Metternich, father of the Chancellor Klement (Congress of Vienna), sells the building. In 1965, Jean Overloop, teacher in Brussels, discovered the castle in ruins almost by chance and in his own words, it was love at first sight. It did not take him less than eighteen months, helped by a few enthusiasts and relying on the expertise of local craftsmen, to rise Reinhardstein from ruins.


The Castle lives again! The ASBL Reinhardstein owner and site manager strives to offer multiple events during the year. The annual medieval festival is accompanied by themed weekend breaks (music concerts, exhibitions, tastings, evening walks, etc) to satisfy the young and the elderly. Contemporary and historical exhibitions now adorn the walls of the Castle. The management chooses each year exceptional collections and established artists to enrich the visitor experience.


Completely furnished after its reconstruction, the castle is almost ready to welcome new occupants. Strolling between armor and paintings and discover our chests or tapestries, (re) discover all of the main building (Knights’ Hall, the guards room, the chapel and the apartments) and the tower through a guided tour of about one hour.

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Reinhardstein Castle

Chemin du Cheneux 50

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