Salamandre Tower

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As the last relic of the walled enclosure which, formerly, encircled the city of Beaumont, the Salamandre Tower shelters a small museum of local history.

This tower of the eleventh century was built under Richilde, Countess of Hainaut and lady of Beaumont. Set over 4 floors, its museum takes you to discover the history and craftsmanship of this city in the province of Hainaut and located near the French border.

By climbing its 130 steps you will have the opportunity to admire no less than 650 objects such as Gallo-Roman pottery, reproductions of the famous miniatures of Charles de Croÿ (sixteenth century), memories of the Princes of Caraman-Chimay, Napoleon , Charles V or Victor Hugo.

You will learn as well that, on June 14th, 1815, the plain that the tower dominates was the frame of the first bivouac of the Napoleonic troops on Walloon grounds.

From the top of the tower, you can discover a beautiful panorama of the region.

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Salamandre Tower

Grand’Place 10 6500 Beaumont