Tour d’Anhaive

Center for Archeology, Art and History of Jambes (Namur)

The Tour d’Anhaive is recognised as a museum institution by the Federation Wallonia-Brussels. It is a small court system (domain system) from the end of the 13th century.

The Dungeon (Tower) and the Logis were classified by the Royal Commission of Monuments and Landscapes in 1943 and 1981 respectively. The animation is provided by the Center of Archeology, Art and History of Jambes, under the supervision of the Information Center of Jambes.

The Tower houses a permanent exhibition of Gallo-Roman ceramics found in cemeteries in Jambes, as well as ham glass and pottery, testifying to the local industry. There are also several temporary exhibitions on the program every year. The place is open to everyone and offers guided tours.

The reception and animation of school groups are also set up thanks to an educational bag. This includes a tour of the tower and permanent collection, a booklet designed especially for schools and a pottery workshop. These events are completely free.

Entry to the Tour d’Anhaive is free.

Virtual tours:
departure from the Anhaive Tower
departure from outside the Anhaive Tower

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Practical information

Tour d’Anhaive

Place Jean de Flandre, 1 à 5100 Namur (Jambes)