Verviers Museum of Archeology and Folklore

The furniture sets of the Museums of Verviers are housed in an elegant patrician house from the eighteenth century. More specifically, the visitor will linger quietly in front of precious “cabinets” of ebony, inlaid with ivory, shell, alabaster and mother-of-pearl.

The collections also include three pianos: one of the Empire style, one of the early nineteenth century and the third of 1892 belonged to the composer Guillaume Lekeu. A number of the beautifully crafted furniture from Liège evoke the civilian interiors of yore. These are legacies of families from Verviers.

Another legacy: that of Mrs. Peltzer de Clermont who left her collection of old lace, with a detailed description of the different lace variants (bobbin lace, needle lace, application side …)

On the second floor you will find archaeological exhibitions from various local excavations, such as Juslenville, the treasure of Petit Rechain …

Young and old can experience Bethlehem in Verviers every year at Christmas, a tasty Walloon tradition of our ancestors’ Christmas evenings.

Open on Wednesday and Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm

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Verviers Museum of Archeology and Folklore

Rue des Raines 42 - 4800 VERVIERS

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