Laundry Museum of Spa

Discover the evolution of laundry techniques

The museum evokes the working conditions of women and the evolution of laundry techniques.

Visitors will discover how the women performed the great steam of the Middle Ages, which lasted a week, and the first washing machines of the 19th century. Volunteers will operate the first electrical machines.

The museum also evokes the evolution of soap and laundry products.

This is an informative, unusual and entertaining visit for everyone, young and old alike.


The visit offered at the Laundry Museum promises to be surprising for the youngest and emotionally for the seniors who can evoke fragments of life from their childhood. The visit lasts 1h30 and is animated by our guides. It is conducted in a subgroup of 15 people. Everyone sees the entire museum with different paths. It is mandatory to make a reservation.

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LPeople with specific needs

The museum is accessible to people with reduced mobility. The halls are spacious. The museum allows people to touch machines, to smell the laundry products, to use the wash board and old washing machines with water. For more information, contact the museum directly.


The museum evokes the working conditions of women and the evolution of laundry techniques. During the visit, young people are invited to go back in time. They will discover how the women have performed the “great wax” of the Middle Ages, such a week-long job. They will discover the first washing machines made around the mid-19th century. As they walk through the museum halls, they will become aware of the different stages in the evolution of technical progress. Many machines have been refurbished and the voluntary animators ensure that they work.

After washing the clothes you have to iron them: the children will discover other less common items, such as a very old calender, in addition to the irons. The museum naturally evokes the evolution of soap and washing products.

The visits are adapted to the school level of the children from the first year of primary education to the last year of high school. Some machines can be operated by children, others run on electricity.

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Practical information

Laundry Museum of Spa

Rue Hanster 10
4900 Spa

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